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Best Way To Enjoy Your Escorts

The best way to get the most satisfaction from an escort. Is to firstly make her feel like you really respect her. Treat her nicely and then she will let you do more to her as she trusts you and wants to please you. Being nice is the best way to enjoy them for sure.

They may all be common whores at the end of the day. But most have a problem with accepting it. So they want you to treat them well, as most men in their lives have not done so. Many Birmingham escorts have been used and abused all their lives. Of course you are here to do the same, but its better to ensure you do it nicely. Let them think they are giving you pleasures and that want them to like you.

Once you have done this a few times with a regular escort in Birmingham. She will drop her knickers for you anywhere. Her pussy will be wetter and she will be more willing. So this is very good advice.

Of course you also have some, that love and need to be used for them to feel normal. So if this is your thing, its easy to satisfy them. Tell them what to do, insult them and do them hard. If your lucky enough to get a submissive one, then you can just gag her, tie her up and cum in her raw. She wont care and nothing she can do it about it anyway. You are paying her for sex, so why not make sure she takes it your way. Not like your going to get a refund is it.

So there are some examples of the best way to enjoy your Birmingham escorts. So do not hesitate to get in contact with your preferred escort agency and start enjoying them better!